Storage Tips

Preparing your watercraft or vehicles for storage.

RVs, Snowmobiles, Boats, and other watercraft need to be handled with care. The following are some of our tips to prepare your assets to be well protected.

Clean the Exterior

  • Wash your vehicle 
  • Remove all debris, leaves, mud or snow
  • Clear bird droppings from the surface

Clean the Interior

  • Remove all food and perishable items from the refrigerator and cabinets
  • Remove all remnants of food that might attract rodents
  • Use air-tight containers for any bagged or boxed food that is not removed
  • Switch off and unplug any appliances

Over-inflate the Tires

  • When storing your watercrafts, over-inflate the tires by approximately 5 lbs to ensure a longer service life

Use a Cover

  • Whenever possible, use a boat cover


  • Winterize per your manuals instructions